Hiring hostesses

“For our event, Models at Work supplied hostesses in custom-made styling! A perfect last touch for the event”


– JFK Magazine


Models at Work frequently supplies hosts and hostesses for events, trade shows, congresses, corporate events, festive shop openings, festivals, dinner parties, weddings and more. Our models help you with welcoming your guests, manning the wardrobe, guest registration and the serving of snacks, drinks and goodiebags. Whether you are in need of 1 hostess for a few hours or a group of 50 hosts and hostesses for multiple days, we are the best party for both big and small requests.




Supplying you with the best possible hosts and hostesses is what makes us get out of bed every morning. In order to provide you with nothing but the best, we look beyond the beauty of our models. We make sure that our models have a hard-working mentality and a fine feeling for hospitality. We understand like no other the importance of a warm welcome and excellent service when it comes to the success of your event.


How do we manage this? By solely hiring hosts and hostesses who are smart, charismatic, understand the value of service and are pro-active. For us, talent for hospitality is an absolute must. We look for for truly amazing people who genuinely enjoy providing you with the best day possible! We supply people who are beautiful on the inside and outside!


In order to guarantee our quality, we put a tremendous amount of effort into scouting, training and selection our models. Only the most breathtaking, talented and charismatic models make the tough cut. We also developed our very own Hospitality and training. Besides that, our models are also frequently trained with regards to sales and product knowledge. This always happens in close contact with our customers.


We dedicate a lot of our time to making the perfect match between our customers and the models. Not only do we look at the looks, but also at the working mentality, past working experience and the personality of the models when looking for a match. Therefore, we are very interested in what your brand or company stands for, what feeling your guests should leave the event with and off course what you find important!


The more information we have, the better we can make a fitting selection for you. For example, we can supply hosts and hostesses for your informal event who make sure the dancefloor is filled in no-time by using their enthusiasm and charisma. For a formal event, we can supply classic hosts and hostesses who are capable of keeping up an intelligent conversation. Because how nice would it be when at a doctors conference, the hosts and hostesses are actual medicine students. Or when at the AutoRAI, the hosts and hostesses are crazy car fanatics. Our bookers know our models on a personal level, which allows us to focus on the details while making the perfect match for you.




Models at Work specializes in the creative translation of your brand or theme to the styling and make-up of our models. We are always searching for the most creative and original way to let your brand or theme come to life. With our in-house team of stylists, costume designers and make-up artists at our disposal, we always have the right expert to turn your event into a success. For long-term bookings, we can even help you with the storage, cleaning and distribution of the clothing that we selected with you. Curious of what we can do for your brand or company? Read more about styling and Make-up.




Do you want to know more about using our hosts and hostesses? Or do you want an offer without any strings attached? Interested in a brainstorming session to discuss nice ideas? Leave us a message here and we will get in touch with you A.S.A.P. Feel free to call us at 020-24458187 or drop by for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine at Keizersgracht 139 – sous in Amsterdam.