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In collaboration with Shot by Models, we have developed an unique photo marketing concept. With the expertise of Shot by Models when it comes to photography and innovation and our strength concerning scouting and training of beautiful, intelligent and well-trained models, we offer you something truly unique. This concept allows you to capture your event by photographers who fit within the concept.  Namely, The photographers are our entrusted models who, after intense training sessions, will take the perfect pictures of your guests! As such, they will fit the concept concerning their looks, styling and personality.



Our models, styled from head to toe and equipped with a camera, photograph your guests at their best moment. Afterwards, your guests will receive a card. This card has a unique code on it that resembles the photo that was taken and a link to your very own campaign website. This allows your guests to download the picture or share it instantly. When someone decides to download the photo, we can gather their data. When the photo is shared, we generate brand exposure via social media. We generate exposure through branding the photos with your logo! Therefore, it is a real win-win for you!



Besides brand awareness and exposure, the concept also helps with translating your offline brand exposure to an online hype. When your guests share the photos, friends and family directly come in contact with your brand. To strengthen this, our experts will customize your campaign website, photo frame and the card to your brand or company. Like this, we make sure that not only the picture but also the card will be the perfect giveaway. Maybe it will even become a lasting memory! Would you rather give your guests a printed version of the photo? This is also possible thanks to our Real Time Photography option!


The possibilities are endless and while your guests are looking back at your event by downloading and sharing their photos, we gather valuable information that will make sure your next campaign will be spot on!



Models at Work and Shot by Models offer you the unique opportunity to give your guests a lasting memory to your event. With an infinite amount of options, our experts know how to make the photo marketing concept fit to your wishes. With almost 15 years of experience and a database of over 500 models, we also guarantee that the photographers fit within your concept. It is not for nothing that Models at Work is the market leader when it comes to beautiful, smart models with a passion for Hospitality. Through intense training sessions for clients such as Amsterdam Fashion Week, our models are prepared to help you and your guests!



Do you want to know more about using our unique photo marketing concept? Or do you want an offer without any strings attached? Interested in a brainstorming session to discuss nice ideas? Leave us a message here and we will get in touch with you A.S.A.P. Feel free to call us at 020-24458187 or drop by for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine at Keizersgracht 139 – sous in Amsterdam.